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Hiatus. Lessons learned and new paths being made. An artist must learn their worth to value the future that lies before them. The leader of the group Hi-Life has been redefined. The Hip-Hop/Rap world in the Midwest region knew this recording artist and writer as ‘Scoe’.


The rebirth and refinement of Hi-Life as produced their pack leader with a new mind set and flavor. Da Soul is now the name and brand. Da Soul has overcome obstacles that are immeasurable. The search for a new sound was a mission that now sets the precedence of Da Soul. The goal is to blaze the streets and airwaves with heart felt music.


Smooth, charismatic, intellectual dialect with a mild thug tone is what compiles Da Soul’s inner being. To compare ‘the old’ with ‘the new’ would be a waste of time. In fact, it would be considered blasphemous. The rap game will finally know what new means. Da Soul has placed a ban of some of the best-kept secrets in Michigan to create Da Sound that was needed for his project.


Time has prevailed as the true test of a different kind. Hi-Life leader and go to guy has molded the necessities for a ‘take-over’. Music created through the mind of one some may call an undeniable answer to these days and time is here. Now, lets enjoy the out come.







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