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How we work for the Artist

The lives of performing artists depend on booking, representation, and concert and tour management. These services are not always easy to come by, particularly for new and emerging artists. We at Glencannent.com endeavor to help young artists, as well as more established groups, find an effective way of marketing themselves.

Additionally, all of the services that Glencannent.com offers support the needs of booking and touring, from assembling press kits, organizing press representation, and assisting with production. Seeking tour engagements is a long-term proposition and needs a considerable investment of time, energy, and money. We caution all artists to undertake this endeavor with these considerations in mind. While we believe that every artist has the right to explore the marketplace, there is no guarantee that the process will be quick easy, or easily affordable.

We will work with you to create a reasonable, comprehensive presentation that can effectively market your Act or Acts. We can plan a tour, set up schedules, make plane reservation, etc. We will negotiate contracts and make special arrangements as needed. We can put together a full touring package.

Fees and options

Currently the only money we require will be a $50.00 processing fee that will need to be sent in with your promo package. If signed to our roster then the fee from our Artists is our percentage (15% to 25% Depending on Artist) of contracted bookings.

Please realize that if you don’t supply your own press kits, etc. (for us to distribute) we can help you assemble them but you’re going to have to pay a reasonable rate for time & materials. We vigorously encourage new artists and bands to actively take control of as much of your own management and promotion as you can. The internet has created an infinite number of opportunities for you…use them to get your music heard and learn how to protect yourself.

We’re currently taking non-exclusive booking contracts only. (Sorry, no management contracts) If you don’t want to enter into an exclusive contract agreement, or are already signed to an exclusive agreement, we can still help you generate bookings.

PLEASE NOTE: All promo packages (press kits) must be sent to the Southfield Mi office and must at the very least include the following:

D (Distirbution Ready Perferred)
8X10 Picture of Artist or Group
Equipment & Backline
Song List (Originals & Covers)
Contact Information

$50.00 Money Order Paypal or Cashier Check For Processing Fee
(Payable to Glen Cannon Entertainment Management and Booking Agency)


All preview tapes and submitted press material will not be returned.

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