Song King/Streetnoise “From The Vault”

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I can still clearly recall the making of this song. You’ve Been Missing Me was penned by Producer , Writer and a great friend of mine named Greg McFee. Originally intended for young Streetnoise group “Tre’ Pack, Greg and I decided after that didn’t work out, to record this amazing ballad ourselves. I can still remember the night we initially recorded it with the help of fellow Producer Arthur Pugh, Greg, and myself on the background vocals. After testing the idea, Greg and I came back to Streetnoise Recording facility, at that time located on Detroit’s East side on Linnhurst Street, and laid down what would prove to be one of the best records Never released at Streetnoise! Through the efforts of the great Glen Cannon, StreetNoise Founder and CEO, Engineer, and just about everything else, I get a chance to relive this magical time in my life,as he has digitally re mastered this hidden treasure! I hope everybody takes the time to listen to the young Robert Beal singing ” You’ve Been Missing Me.” Peace!


robbeal 1992

Track 1. You’ve Been Missing Me-Robert Beal (Sampel Play)


Track 2. Da’Honeys it’s Right Here- (Sampel Play)

Track 3. Da’ Honeys Follow My Heart- (Sampel Play)

princess tee 1992 pic

Track 4. Mylk Or Tee Princess Tee Ft Mylk Man (Sampel Play)

Track 5.GO DEPPER  Princess Tee (Sampel Play) 

Track 6.A LOVE THATS REAL Princess Tee (Sampel Play) 

Track 7.Theses Brothers is a Trip Princess Tee (Sampel Play)

Track 8.LET’S Straighten it out (Sampel Play)


Track 9. Bownz Ta Dis (Sampel Play)

Track 10.Bounz Ta Dis REMIX (Sampel Play)

Track11.9 QWO_01- (Sampel Play)

Track 12.THROW UP YO SET (Sampel Play)

Track 13. THE PIPPER (Sample Play)


Track 15.MO FUNK REMIX (sampel Play)