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~ A simple smile or a hello could turn a rough day into a better day…and could start a friendship that could last a lifetime. Be generous with your smiles ~ 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

As we begin a new school year, take a minute to send positive thoughts or a prayer for the kids that don’t fit in. The kids that come home in tears, because they sit on the buddy bench at recess- and still no one will play with them. The kids that are “different” at school. Let them know they are loved, send positive thoughts / pray they know they are special, and pray they find their tribe of friends.
Teach your kids to be kind. To everyone.

Copy, paste and share the love. #projectbekind





Bra’Sha has been singing since the age 4 years old. Bra’Sha, was destined to be a GAME CHANGER in the music industry for her generation. “I want to make people think about the decisions they are making when they hear my music. I want to revitalize how people listen to music.” Only 17 years old, Bra’Sha, is revolutionizing the R & B Industry.

Bra’Sha was born in Detroit, Michigan but raised in Romulus,MI. She is the youngest child of her parents. Her goals is to one day start a foundation, I AM ME, a campaign against bullying and she is currently active in bringing awareness to Nature’s Necessities, a charity that helps homelessness Women by providing the necessary personal toiletries. In her spare time she like to give back to the Community whether it’s feeding the homeless or entertaining them for free.

This talented young lady came out with her first single “Tic Toc ” in November 2016. She sung background vocals for Althea Renee, song called “Rain”. She also been in the studio with Zayion from Juju on the Beat among other known Artist. She has performed at the  Dime Institute,Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Keystone Conference was held in Chicago, Michigan University, where she placed first in her first singing competition the Artist of Tomorrow sponsored by the Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.,. also the Smooth Soul Café. She has been featured in media on the television show, Hip Hop Detroit with Frank Fisher plus WADL. Septemer 2017 she won Best Video Award for,”I Cant’t Breathe” from XMA in Chicago plus she won for Best R & B Song for “Tic Toc” December 2017.

Her love for music has been opening doors every where she goes. Her style of music also gave her an opportunity to not only win for Best R & B Female Video Award but to perform at the very First Annual Midwest Music Video Awards. She also won a couple of showcases both 1st Place Prizes,

In Bra’Sha spare time, she writes her own music, plays keyboard, teaches hip hopdance plus she’s a worship leader at her Church. Her success comes from God. “I have to give all glory and honor to Him.” Her favorite quote is Psalms 119:105, Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. This is what ignites her intensity.

Her unique soulful sound is going to distinguish her from others. It is the perfect blend of pure soul and worship wrapped into a delicate melodic voice that transcends time.

Affiliations: Taylor Entertainment, Yellow Alligator Productions, BMI, M.A.R.S., Natures Necessities,The Breakout Box, Pandora,Tune Core, Poze Records and Glen Cannon Entertainment, and  Keystone Radio

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