Bra’Sha Tic Toc Free Download

I was in the ride playing music for the nurses across from church & my girl Bra’Sha Taylor song came on. They listened for a min then the heads start nodding, the legs and body start moving and then they said who is that. Lol I’m like this local artist im a fan of and they like we are to lol this a hit. Lol I’m like i know I been telling the world about her. MADE ME REASSURE MY EARS DONT LIE I KNOW HITS PERIOD & SOMEHOW SOMEWAY WHEN GOD SAYS OK DO YO THING I AM READY. LETS GO! & TO BRASHA I know u know u ready & maybe sometime wonder but baby u a SUPERSTAR u keep FAITH & BELIEVE U ARE A SPECIAL GOD GIVEN TALENTED LIL LADY. KEEP FOLLOWING HIS PATH & ALL WILL WORK OUT.