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DOC CHILL Something The Lord Made Mr. I’m Freaky has done it again. He’s back with a highly anticipated solo album and oh boy is it hot! Something the Lord Made is a 15 track collection of dope hits with 2 hidden tracks spiritually inspired by the critically acclaimed movie of the same name. With a musical obsession that spans over two decades, Doc Chill has managed to turn adversity into resilience, loss into gain and the-gift-of-gab into lyrical astuteness. See he’s a specialist, the kind with whom you’d confer as a first and last resort. He knows how do to do things and put people together. Doc is many things—maverick, trendsetter, businessman, freaky… But at the very core he’s an innovator, a master craftsman. So much so that at the age of 14 he was engineering in a local Detroit music studio, by 18 wrote a hit for Tone Def Records and by 19 emerged on the rap scene in the group X-Change with 1991 mega hit, “Yeah, I’m Freaky”. Miles “Doc Chill” Dixon has been on hiatus since then. He says the Detroit rap scene turned to mush, that hip-hop heads and would-be rap stars stopped working and started ballin’. The underground turned into mud and Doc went on sabbatical. So, here we go again. But don’t call it a come back, call it an insurgence because Something the Lord Made is the type of revolution that has got to be televised and broadcast live, in stereo. With production by Beats & Breaks Productions spear headed by ReAct, along with other production by DJ Razor Blade and Quite Rite Productions. Doc Chill’s solo effort has the kind of bang that makes the streets go, “boom, boom-boom, boom-boom-boom.” Club joint Boom City boasts an infectious hook and ground-breaking lyrics from Doc Chill and Detroit newcomer, Hollow and Selfmeyi. Me & Mrs. Jones is a praise song of sorts dedicated to the hip-hop impresario’s mother, Mrs. Jones while Tell ‘em You From Detroit in all its grand bravado is a street anthem that boasts all things D. You’d kinda have to be from here to know it but, Doc Chill is synonymous with Detroit. When you think of Detroit, think of him. When you need to get connected, call Doc! The good doctor has managed to put Detroit on the map on so many levels and now it’s time for him to get his just due.