Looze Cannon Me And You

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A different and unique talent that is [mentally] on a different page than most rappers.
While my music is competitive, relate-able, real and feel-able, key attributes that makes me that UNIQUE artist is:
• I am respectful to women, I believe in the “old ways” of how you should treat your lady at my young age.
• In a song I have called I can make you famous, I state: “I can make u famous, baby you know that’s true, just look
up in the sky, see that star, yeah..that’s you” That’s how I really feel, I will say it in my music and on a date.
• I’m young, fly and flashy.
• I do regular teen things on the daily
• I genuinely love my family, my homies, the ladies, the mall, my city, my fans.

What sets me apart from other rappers is:
I am that guy most rappers are scared to be.
Most rappers have [somewhat] the same mentality; to be hard, thugged out, a fool withmoney or a gangbanger. I dare to be
different. I dare to be me.

I wouldn’t mind if people thought of me as the “Justin Beiber” of rap. I am versatile, you will hear me more raw in my
mixtape stuff, where my albums might be something different, but you love it all.

I’m a young teen in America, I’m in touch with what goes on in the hood, I roll in the hood, yet I do care about social and
economic issues such voting, drugs in the community.

I don’t want people to think that im tiger woods …so positive and so flawless. I’m not a thug… but I am knowledgeable about
the street game to the fullest and I can talk about it, be in it and around it and still be Looze Cannon.

Recording Artist Drake said it best “ it takes a certain type of man preach…to be far from hood, but understand the
streets” …That sums up my whole character.