DETROIT, MI – Black Sheep is a blazing tale of many women throughout the world. Reiterating heart wrenching moments, emotions and memories of a horrifying upbringing, and finding balance well into adulthood.

Black Sleep tells the story of a woman, Lynn, who was regularly sexually abused by her aunt’s husband, Michael, while she was a child. Her story is one that is filled with disappointment, heartbreak and let down. After years of constant denial and being casted out by her family members, Lynn is finally able to put her uncle, in a very unusual position where he finally lets the truth out. The truth about Lynn’s horrifying upbringing is let out in a way that the world can finally hear and Lynn can finally find peace within.

Black Sheep has used its big screen production to give the world an uneasy but very well needed message about the tragic realities that may take place behind closed doors, of what may seem to be perfect homes and families. A reality that could very well be the reality of a young woman/girl you know. The cast bares it all and puts no emotion in the back seat. Every feeling and emotion, that of an emotionally broken and physically battered woman who has been sexually abused, is re-lived, revisited and strategically acted out.

The movie ends gracefully with a touching statistic: “That 1 in every 4 girls are sexually abused before the age of 18.” Black Sheep is a must see, if not for the acting alone but for the vital lesson learned as well.

By April Renee